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What is Camfrog? What are the risks?

What is Camfrog? What are the risks?

Camfrog is a website where users can enter chat rooms using live webcams or host their own chatroom. The program available for download on computers or mobile devices.

Parents should know that

  • Users can see who is online and find others in your area to talk to
  • Users create a profile that can include personal details, location and a photo
  • Users can exchange instant messages while participating in a chat room with a webcam and can also send a snapshot (a picture from your webcam) that can reveal a great deal of personal information
  • Users can also participate in a conversation with audio, which can reveal the age of the child You can enable and disable parental controls using the Windows password to access the computer
  • Users can enter rooms designed for people 18 years or more by changing the link "Family Filter"
  • The site allows remote video access, which means that a parent or guardian has the ability to monitor your home computer from another computer. However, this also means that a child can get from elsewhere without the supervision of a parent or guardian

Camfrog offers a number of tips to users on how to be safer to use your site. You can access these tips at - http://www.camfrog.com/help-security.phtml. We urge parents and guardians to exercise great caution if they let their children use webcams and participate in chat rooms with webcam anywhere.

Parental Controls
Parents and guardians may allow users who are 13 and 17 years old to only enter rooms offered by Camfrog (not rooms provided by users), to block the registration of new nicknames, block videos, audio, text chat, instant messaging and connections individual and record all accounts selected IM. To learn how to use parental controls http://www.camfrog.com/parentalcontrols.phtml visit.

To report abuse profile go to the offensive person and click on the "Report Inappropriate Content". You will need to provide information about the incident and in which room it happened. To ignore another user right click on the name of that user and choose "ignore". To block another user to send instant messages, click the "block" button in your IM window. After entering, go to http://www.camfrog.com/inappropriate.php to denounce an improper photo on someone's profile.