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How can I block texts and incoming calls on a Verizon cell phone?

If you don't want your child to communicate with an individual who has been texting or calling his or her cell phone, you can block this number. There are two ways to do this - by phone or online at your Verizon account. In order to add and manage the numbers on the block list, you must be the primary or co-owner for the Verizon account.

By Phone

  • Call Verizon at 1-800-483-4000
  • Follow the automated phone recording until you reach the option to talk to a customer service agent
  • Provide the phone numbers to the agent to put on the account’s "block list"
  • The number that is blocked will not be able to send texts or phone calls to your child’s phone
  • If you feel simply blocking certain number is not enough you can consider monitoring software for the cell phone your child uses


  • Go to www.verizonwireless.com and sign into your account
  • Click on "My Verizon" - the last field on the red tool bar
  • Scroll down to "My Services"
  • Click on "My Phone"
  • The field "My Cell Phone" will appear
  • The fourth item down "MyUsage" is the area you enter next
  • The third field down from "My Cell Phone" will be "Spam Controls"
  • You can block up to five numbers for each cell phone associated with the account. Just type the number in the empty fields provided
  • You can also block up to fifteen e-mail addresses. If you want to block more fifteen, you can purchase the "Parental Controls" package for 4.99 a month. This can be found in the same area of this website, and also includes time restrictions, trusted numbers, content filters and more.

Always remember although a cellular telephone is a great way to ensure you always have a way to get in touch with your child; it has both benefits and risks. It is important for every parent or guardian to consider the risks and benefits before purchasing a phone for their child and take an active role in helping children and teens learn to use cell phones safely. The first step is talking with your child about proper phone use and setting some ground rules. As with computer monitoring software, we urge you to explain your concern and reasons for wanting to monitor text messages. Remember that monitoring software of any kind is no substitute for parental supervision and communication.