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How do I fill out a CyberTipline® report form?

Any child sexual exploitation incident can be reported to the CyberTipline® at www.cybertipline.com or by calling 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678).

The CyberTipline accepts reports about

  • The possession, manufacture, and distribution of child pornography
  • The online enticement of children for sexual acts
  • Prostitution of children
  • Sex tourism involving children
  • Child sexual molestation (not in the family)
  • Unsolicited obscene material sent to a child
  • Misleading words or digital images
  • Misleading domain names

Go to www.cybertipline.com to learn more about these categories and what they mean.

Below are tips on how to fill out the different sections of the form.


Reporting Person

  • Explain the type of incident you are reporting.
  • List the approximate date and time the incident occurred.
  • Include personal contact information if you wish. It is your decision whether or not you would like to provide this information. Personal contact information is sometimes helpful as we may want to ask you more questions or clarify information you provided.


Internet Information

  • Enter as much information as you can.
  • Provide a summary in the e-mail/newsgroup header field if you are uncertain about what the blanks mean.


Child Victim and Suspect

  • If there is a specific child victim you are aware of or a specific suspect you are trying to report, please provide us with as many details as possible regarding the child and/or suspect.
  • If you do not see a box for information you would like to report, please provide it in the "Additional Information" field. Examples of things to place in the additional information field are telephone numbers, physical descriptions, additional e-mail addresses, or additional screennames.
  • Not everything in these two sections may be applicable to what you are reporting.


Law Enforcement
Please fill this section out if you have also reported the incident to law enforcement. If you have not contacted law enforcement, please leave it blank.


Additional Information

  • Briefly describe the incident.
  • List any information you would like for us to be aware of that you haven’t already mentioned. For example if you are reporting possible online enticement, a few questions to keep in mind are:
    • Have the child and suspect discussed the possibility of meeting?
    • Have they communicated over the telephone?
    • Have they exchanged images or pictures?
    • Do you have any saved e-mails or conversations?
    • Have they ever used the U.S. Postal Service to send each other anything?
  • If you would like an analyst to contact you, please indicate this. You will receive a response.
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